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PDF Composer 2.0

With this .RTF editor you can export your documents to compressed .PDF files
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PDF Composer is an .RTF (Rich Text Format) document editor that can export to the Portable Document Format (PDF). Because an RTF file is similar to a Word document, .DOC files can be imported (.DOCX is not supported).

The editing tools are basic. You can change the font type and size, make the selected text bold, underlined or italic, align the text to the left, right or center, add images to your project, create a table and so on. If you’re familiar with Microsoft Word or a similar application, you will have no trouble in working with this program.

A spell-checker is available but by default it does not check as you type. The feature can be easily enabled though from the “Tools” menu.

The left panel titled “Outline” can be confusing at first as to what its purpose is or how to use it. It can be used to create a table of contents for your document or add some shortcuts to specific pages. Unfortunately, two additional steps unnecessarily complicate the procedure: adding bookmarks and then associating them to your nodes. Since these nodes are actually viewed as bookmarks when the .PDF is opened in Adobe Reader, they could be directly linked to a specific page and line of the document.

When images are exported to a .PDF file, some quality is lost (they are slightly blurred because of the compression).

The ability to encrypt the exported document is a nice additional feature. Besides protecting your project with a password, you can also disable printing, changing or copying the contents of the generated file.

Alexandru Andrei
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  • Exporting to .PDF is quick
  • Can encrypt and protect files
  • Simple interface
  • Easily imports .DOC files


  • Unnecessary additional steps when adding nodes (bookmarks)
  • Images exported to .PDF lose quality
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